Choosing Your Blog Logo Font

One of the first fun decisions you get to make when starting off is choosing your blog logo.

As a member of several blogging Facebook groups, daily I see bloggers post options for a logo and they all make me cringe.

My background in graphic design has taught me that less is more, white space is good, and pick legible fonts.

I saw a post this morning from someone asking for opinions on their logo. I was STUNNED to see that the comments were basically just “it is a little too busy” and “I like the colors!”

You guys. It was rainbows colored, curly fonts on top of a swirl graphic on top of a phoenix. There was a dark shadow behind it and the tagline was basically the same as the blog name, so the words were very repetitive. There was SO much going on.

This inspired me to write this post so you do not commit the crime that this (very sweet, but not artistic) blogger did. What this person did do, which is vital, is ask for feedback. That makes her smarter than most bloggers out there because being brave enough to ask for feedback is a skill most people lack.

Pick The Font Wisely

When choosing a font for your blog, it is generally a safe bet to go simple. If you are going to use a handwritten font, consider highlighting only the most important word. I saw a logo using a scripted font that had the word “flameless” in it and the font used made the word (and I am not making this up) look like “homeless.”

I feel bad for laughing as hard as I did, but someone pointed it out and it was one of those things you can’t unsee. It also changed the perceived direction/niche of the blog to a totally different realm.

My advice is to use a sans-serif font and play with space in between the letters. It makes a huge difference. Serifs are the little flourishes at the ends of each stroke of a letter. I bet you didn’t think you were going to learn Latin today!

Related image

If you are playing around and just really don’t think that a modern-looking font is for you, try playing around with serifs… it’s your logo at the end of the day. I am just here to help you make an educated decision.

My Favorite Blog Logo Fonts

Your computer already has fantastic fonts… as long as we all agree to never EVER use Comic Sans.

End of story.

If you are actually interested, I love Bebas, Arial, and Helvetica.

Do Serifs Actually Matter?

I found these graphics from to illustrate that your choice DOES make a difference.

Image result for sans serifbrand logos with and without serif typography

I will note that generally, it is best to use serif fonts for your main copy. It is easier on the eyes and doesn’t distract the eyes.

Does Your Blog Logo Need Pictures?

Personally, I am a fan of letting the blog speak for itself. A simple logo is great for branding and can be reproduced in one color, recognized easily, and shows that you can practice restraint.

Look at all the logos above. The graphic parts of the image compliment the name, not overpower it. Think about how you can simplify down any imagery you want. Using a bird in your logo? Try using just an outline of a wing. Run an architecture blog? Don’t you dare put a million windows in the building of your blog logo.

Having a simple logo that is easily recognizable will help as you build your brand and stand out on platforms like Pinterest… which results in you more traffic.

Blog Logo Colors

I again want to reference the logos above. You can see that none of them use more than two colors (Pepsi uses white space to their advantage to make it look like three colors). I want to challenge you to stick to the same principle and use two colors MAXIMUM.

Are you stuck trying to design a blog logo and really have no idea how to do it or design background? Comment on here or message me and I will help you out!

Kristin Pearson

As an award-winning content creator and designer, I want to use my love for good design and blogging to help you achieve your dreams. Whether you run a small business or its just you trying to make money in your spare time, let me worry about the design so you can spend your time growing the business. I am constantly creating and posting new templates, but if you want a custom designed logo, e-book, graphics, etc. please contact me so we can work together. I've worked for a non-profit for over six years, so I understand and cater to those that don't have the budget to pay agency prices.


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