Do You Need a Course Workbook?

Have you created a course and looking to add more value in order to increase the price?

Keep your audience focus with a printable course workbook that directs them to grasp the most important parts of your course.

Course Workbook Content

The easiest way to start creating a workbook is to watch your course, take notes on what you are teaching and create fill-in-the-blanks of the most important points.

When it comes to the content of your course workbook, aim to add more than just direct quotes from your lessons.

Get creative on what else you can add, like testimonials from clients or quotes that are related to your content.

Another great idea is to build an exercise that creatively has your students execute on what they are learning.

An example of this I have used was in a training workbook for a company, I used the material to have the student draw a line from a description of a job responsibility to the official title of the person in charge.

Creating a Workbook

More experienced designers will probably use Adobe InDesign, which you can purchase HERE. InDesign will give creators the ultimate control on the look and feel of your workbook.

Those that want an easier route or those that don’t have a design background can check out online services like Canva. The pro plan costs about $10 a month and with a lot of time, you can make a workbook with their templates. Be careful in making sure the look matches your website. (See below)

You can also hire a designer! This way, you are supporting someone else as they save you time and do what they do best while you do you. I am gladly accepting clients right now for course workbook projects. You can email me at for rates.

Extra Tips for Course Workbooks

Creating a course workbook can add value and make you more money.Include Space for Notes

Many learners utilize space to write extra notes or ideas on the sides of their pages. When it comes to spaces for notes, more is better.

I don’t recommend including lines to write on, as that discourages drawing helpful graphs or images. I have included dot grids before and tend to like them more, but not as much as just plain, white space.

Use Images Thoughtfully

Your course workbook is not a blog post. Remember that the point of a workbook is generally to print it out and write all over it.

Do you know how expensive ink is?! Don’t be that person that makes others spend $5 on ink just to not even use that page. Limit your images to clean graphs that relate to solving your customer’s problem.

On a related note: test out your workbook by printing it in color AND black and white. You may find that the pretty yellow shapes you included make your space impossible to write on.

Brand Your Workbook

Your blog, courses, and everything else you offer (like your new workbook) need to have a consistent brand. Make sure you are using the same color, fonts, and voice.

The more effort you put into creating a consistent with pay off by making your work memorable to your audience. If you use bold colors on your blog, having pastel florals in a workbook blurs how your audience views you. Be sure to add elements from your blog to tie them together.


Creating a course workbook is a fantastic addition to your offerings and a fantastic way to make money blogging. Check out more ways you can do that here!

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As an award-winning content creator and designer, I want to use my love for good design and blogging to help you achieve your dreams. Whether you run a small business or its just you trying to make money in your spare time, let me worry about the design so you can spend your time growing the business. I am constantly creating and posting new templates, but if you want a custom designed logo, e-book, graphics, etc. please contact me so we can work together. I've worked for a non-profit for over six years, so I understand and cater to those that don't have the budget to pay agency prices.


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