Blog Business Plan

How to Make a Blog Business Plan My day job requires me to train the next wave of sales and marketing students at the collegiate level. Not a teacher, more of a consultant and coach for students at 60 different universities. I am responsible for all of the student services that we provide, which is […]

Raise your Prices With an Online Course Workbook

Have you created a course and looking to add more value in order to increase the price? Keep your audience focus with a printable course workbook that directs them to grasp the most important parts of your course.

Choosing Your Blog Logo Font

Your blog logo font is a big deal. It sets the tone for your readers and can convey that you take your blog seriously (or don’t)!

A Pep Talk for the New Blogger

You can do everything a successful blogger does, but you will not get the results they have. Here is what every new blogger should be prepared for.

Can You Really Make Money Blogging?

You must be intentional and smart when it comes to creating a blog that will make you money. Blogging is not about writing 5 posts and slapping ads everywhere and calling your boss immediately saying that you quit. You are not going to instantly turn into Melyssa Griffin or your favorite blogger.

Most Important Sales Book – The Go Giver

There are books about every aspect of sales and all of them claim that they are THE most important sales book. In fact, there are hundreds of books about just prospecting leads… which is just the beginning of the sales process. Just as in any niche, sales books are over-saturated with advice from “experts” in […]

Your Employee is Not Your Friend

We shared an office space and goofed around a lot. I trusted that he was doing all the right things and would ask if he ever needed anything. It wasn’t until we had a big event coming up that I realized Adam wasn’t performing at the top of his capabilities.