Is there a popular post you have that you can elaborate even more on? This is a great place to look for inspiration for your digital product. How you deliver that is up to you and your strengths.

Below, I will outline different types of products and a range that they are typically sold. By no means do you have to stay within these guidelines because after, we will talk about how to price your new products!

1. Email Courses

Using an automated email program like ConvertKit or Mail Chimp, you can send timed messages to your customers. Craft a journey that your customers can take with your guidance. The best part about email courses is the opportunity to showcase your personality and hook your audience enough to want to buy more from you. It is the perfect first product as someone moves through your sales funnel.

Price: $1-30

Example/Ideas: Daily Journal Prompts, 30 days to Double Your Social Media Followers, Weekly Meal Plans, etc.

2. Online Courses

This is a huge income stream for bloggers. Use your knowledge in your niche to create in-depth walkthroughs for your readers. These need to pack more value and information that your blog does and solve a major problem for those that purchase the course.

You should definitely look into the different platforms that make online course creation easy. Teachable, Udemy, and Learndash are some of the options, but there are many more just a Google search away.

How you deliver your content is up to you. Some ways include:

  • Video Content
  • Written Walk-throughs
  • Audio Files
  • Online Quizzes

Many courses provide exclusive access to a Facebook group or another way to get premium content and support from the creators.

Price: $1-600

Example/Ideas: Pinterest Popular Course, Beginner Knitting Course, Online Guitar Lessons, etc.

3. Printables and Checklists

Is there a process in your niche that your audience should be following constantly to solve their problems? Create a beautiful, yet functional document that they can download and follow. Bring as much value as you can to your customers by creating full digital workbooks that solve a problem for your readers. A lot of bloggers use this as their opt-in, so when you are creating these, make sure they are worth more than an email address.

You can even create an online course workbook that your audience can follow along with. This will raise the value (and the price you can charge) of your offerings with this supplemental material.

Depending on your niche, you can really get creative. Teachers can design handouts and craft ideas for students everywhere.

Price: $1-60

Example/Ideas: Blog Post SEO Checklist, Planners, Coloring Pages, etc.

4. Photography

If you have DSLR camera (or a solid cell phone camera) and take a lot of pictures, you should consider turning your hobby into a side hustle. Finding and capitalizing on a niche that is in high demand can prove to be very lucrative. Signing up for a program like Envato can give you a platform to sell your images on. If you have the capacity to create great flat lay images, you could find a lot of buyers… including me!

Price: $1-60

Example/Ideas: Food, workplace, technology, work, fashion, etc.

5. Website/Blog Templates

Having a great blog theme can be a huge factor in a blog’s success. Blog branding is something I talk about a lot because it is so vital. If you are good with code and have experience with web design, you can package your creations for others to purchase. On this list, this may be the most technical service, so you really need to know what you are doing in order to deliver what you are promising.

Price: $1-100

6. E-book

This is the perfect way to make money for those that are more comfortable writing. Expanding on an already in-depth blog post could be an easy way to produce a lot of content in a short amount of time.

Publishing an ebook requires you to write your content, design (or hire some to) a book cover, get your content edited, and publishing. Luckily, Amazon has made it really easy to publish your own e-book! Then, you just need to market your book and you are in business.

Price: $1-60

Example/Ideas: Cookbooks and meal plans, camera and photography tutorials, poetry, music sheets, etc.

7. Spreadsheets/Calculators

If Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets come easy to you, do not take that for granted. If you have figured out how to implement functions that can save someone time and/or money, you can create a product to sell. Other forms of this are social media/editorial schedules, or calendars of any sort that fit your niche.

Price: $1-60

Example/Ideas: Tax estimates, pricing sheets, 365 days of post ideas, Debt Snowball trackers, store profit calculator

8. Graphics

There are countless ways that someone needs your graphic design talent. From icons for a website to event posters for a rock band, your creativity can go a long way. Even I, with a graphic design background, purchase designs regularly at my full time job. It saves me time and supports an artist. My advice is to know what you are best at and really present yourself as the expert.

The secret to making big money online is to create relationships of trust with your audience so they come back and purchase from you again. Showing that you are good at that one thing will build credibility and make you a nice paycheck.

Price: $9-300

Examples/Ideas: Website and social media icons, fliers, logos, Canva templates, Pinterest Pin designs, etc.

Is this something you are looking to have done FOR you? Spend your time working on your content while I create your blog logo and branding!

9. Lightroom Editing Presets

Here is another product you can provide that helps with branding a blog or social media. Influencers are huge right now in advertisement strategies of companies. They want to work with accounts that are unique and look professional. Using a Lightroom preset can save someone hours in editing photos because they provide consistent looks across all photos.

This is also a huge value-add for photographers. if you think of the work wedding photographers have to put in to making someone’s big day look magical in photos. Most probably have their own already, but beginners may need help figuring it out.

Price: $4-120

Example/Ideas: vivid, greyscale, luxe, vintage, landscape

*Bonus Idea: Membership Site

You can combine all of these and create a membership site so a paying customer can have access to all of them! This is great for bloggers with a loyal following or have a lot of different offerings, but aren’t seeing the results they want. Creating a membership site like a “bundle” deal could raise the value of your products.

Pricing Digital Products

If you are struggling with pricing your digital products, there is a lot to keep in mind:

  • How long did it take to create the product
  • What experience did it require, and how long did you invest in learning those skills
  • What overhead do you have (listing fees, hosting platforms subscriptions, etc.)
  • How much money are you saving your customers
  • How much time are you saving your customers and what is that time worth

Many people undercut themselves when it comes to pricing their digital products. Some think that they appear greedy when they ask others for money. This is a limiting belief that you need to address now before you launch your products.

Making money from your craft is the point of it all. You are a business and a business needs to make money. A business also needs to pay its employees (you), so don’t forget to put some of your earnings directly in your own pocket.

If you need help finding a fair estimate of your prices, I created a spreadsheet that you can use for all of your products. You can also include your goal monthly sales and this calculator will show you how much money you can quarterly, annually and even in 5 years if you hit your goals. I use this spreadsheet as a reminder that I need to push every month because I have the big picture in mind. You can find the pricing calculator on my Free Resources Page.

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What You Will Need to Sell Your Digital Products

  • A way to collect payment if you are not using an online platform. Popular ways to do this is to install WooCommerce on your WordPress site or to set up a Square or Etsy storefront.
  • If you are using video for any of this, a quality camera and preferably a microphone to give the best quality videos. I personally use a Blue Yeti microphone and I love it!
  • An email autoresponder like Mail Chimp if you are sending your customer files immediately after they purchase it.
  • A program to design your products like Adobe Creative Suite. Canva is even making it easier for non-designers to produce high-quality digital products.

Next Steps in Building Your Digital Income

Hopefully, this gave you some ideas about how you can use your strengths to create digital products, bringing you an income from your own computer.

Click a link below to continue building your online business.

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Nine Products Bloggers Can Sell to Make Money
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