Why have an email list if you aren’t going to provide them with kick-ass content? The email marketing tips below are there for you to up-level your emails to convert sales and make more money.

Who Are You Writing To?

If you haven’t already, I HIGHLY recommend creating an Audience Avatar. You need to know as much about who your ideal customer is in order for any of this to work.

How old are they? What are they into? Why did they sign up for your list? Do they have a family? What is their day job? And so on… if you need some guidance, I wrote an entire post about creating your blog business plan where I went more in-depth about this.

Subject Line

A bad subject line will deter your audience from even seeing all the work you are about to put into this email. A good subject line will get read and create more sales. More sales obviously equal more money. Pretty easy to explain that one.

Here are the basic rules to all your subjects lines:

  1. Must relate to the contact
  2.  If you are going to use personalization, make it sound natural
  3.  Use power words!


If you didn’t skip over step 1 (seriously, DONT SKIP IT) then now you should have a clear picture in your head who this email is going to.

I want to take a second right now to address that some of you may be worried that your audience cannot be put into one box. If you need to create more audience avatars, you totally can. I suggest only making up to four though, because honestly, the more you have, the less likely your reader is going to feel like you are talking to them.

Think about how you would address these people if they were standing right in front of you.

Would they want to be called by their first name? Lets hope you collected that information when you created your opt-in form.

Do they want something more warm and fuzzy? “Hey girl!” might be the way to go. (Personally, I would advise against going too far with this. I received and email from someone and it said “Hey BFF!” and I seriously unsubscribed in record-breaking time.)

Body Content

Being genuine is going to be the major tip here. If you are lying in your email marketing, your audience is going to see that right away and you are going to still be struggling for every single opt-in signup.

Every blog post and email you write should be solving a problem. That is the “sales” side of having a blog and the most important lesson in blogging. 100%.

Your first emails to your audience after they opt in should be solving the problem you promised to solve initially. Moving forward with your emails, you may be bringing different problems to the surface that you KNOW your audience has. The reason for bringing it up is to then solve this. Do this enough and the amount of trust your readers have in you will skyrocket. Hello vacation on the beach, giving your two weeks, getting a new car… whatever your blogging dream is!

Can multiple emails solve the same problem? Yes! Some people may need multiple solutions to solve one issue. Where you need to be careful here is that you aren’t resting on one solution because then, if you can actually solve the problem like you are promising, your audience doesn’t need you anymore! The mission is to take your customers on a journey and help them at every step.

In regards to how to structure your email, here is a simple list:

  1. Tell them about the problem they have, put yourself in their shoes
  2. How could solving this problem make their lives or businesses better?
  3.  Tell them your solution and how you can help them

If you are struggling with what you want to say, open up a new email in your Gmail (or Outlook or whatever provider you use) and just start typing an email to your friend. Sometimes, we get nervouse because we know our emails are going to the masses. Bringing yourself back down to a simplistic mindset will help you get those words out of your head and onto your screen. Then, it is just a matter of editing!

You should ALWAYS use second-person when writing an email. For those that forget grade school, this means using the word “you” a lot. All the copy should feel like you are talking directly to the reader. They should think that all the content was made directly for them.

When working through your content, keep in mind that you are selling them a solution, not a bunch of features. That means that instead of saying a brush has three rows of teeth you say that it is going to give you volume a mile high. People don’t make low-carb recipes to get into ketosis, they do it to fit into their “goal pants.”

Every email should have a call to action, otherwise it is a waste of everyone’s, including your time. Nothing is worse than actually having someone on the hook and interested in what you are saying and then you read “I’ll tell you more about it tomorrow!” That’s one easy way to lose a sale. You can talk about the same thing in consecutive emails, but if someone wants what you are selling, you had better give them a link!

Your email address might be out of the scope of what we are talking about here, but I do want to make a quick note that your email address should be something recognizable to your brand. With email addresses being free, there is really no reason to not have a branded address. If your brand is your name, you should really try to get that as a gmail or something close. Try to avoid a lot of numbers, as these are not easy to remember.

The Best Email Marketing Tip

All in all, the best place to look for email marketing tips is the emails in your inbox right now. Why did you open that email?  Why didn’t you connect with that one? What is that one selling? How can you take what interested you and use it to your advantage?


Try these email marketing tips to convert your readers to customers

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