I hate it. I know you hate it. Let’s find your blog niche together.

Does the niche that you want to focus on change four times a week? Is the shiny object syndrome real for you as well?

Let me tell you, I know how you feel and I am here to help.

Just to walk through what my mind thought I should blog about. Sometimes it was based on something random that I am interested in (Chicago sports teams, professional development books, etc,) and sometimes it was based on what I am good at (workbooks, t-shirt designs, etc.). Every now and then I would try to combine these but I always phased out quickly.

I think the constant pressure to pick a niche has hurt me more than helped the first year or so that I was blogging.

I started wanting to help college graduates get a job, but that is what I do during my full time job, so everything just felt like an extension of what I already do for 40 hours a week already.

I started a different blog about Chicago sports teams and felt too much like a news site and I am not ready to commit to always being up to the second on everything.

The more I heard that I needed to niche down, the more stressed about it I got.

The truth is, I had a couple ideas that I definitely feel could start to make a profit from home and they could scale. One required me to invest in A LOT of time and all my success will depend on me getting clients and working my ass off late into the night, but it is using skills and computer programs I already had. The other would be in a niche that is more fun and interesting to me, and the plan for scaling is pretty clear but would require a couple hundred dollars in training to become a professional at. It is also something I have only done once for a friend but loved.

If you are in the same boat as I was, I am excited to help you solve the problem.

Within the next few months, I created the opportunities to do one of each project. I kept notes on what I was doing and what I liked and hated about each niche I came across. I even tried out more that I thought of during this time. I kept everything on the table and gave it a go.

After a month or so of thinking about what I would do every day, I actually settled on a new idea that I tried out. Obviously you are on this website so you can see that I picked running a website and creating training and printable PDFs for everything from goal-setting to blogging to starting a business.

What I couldn’t see in the beginning was that since I couldn’t find something in my heart that was super specific, I needed to find a mixture of each thing that was calling to me (besides anything to do with sports… I quickly realized that I want to enjoy them and not make them into work.)

I started looking into my decision and aimed to make the reasoning I used to create my website into a formula that everyone can use. You can download my Blog Planner Printable to work off of as I walk you through this.

Answer These Questions to Find Your Blog Niche

What were you good at as a child?

What are you good at now?

If you had the whole day free and all of your housework done, what would you want to do?

Would you go take pictures of flowers or buildings? Would you go hiking, work out, or bake a cake? Would you draw, paint, or karaoke?

What are some personal processes you have made to make your life better?

For example, do you take recipes and change them in your own way? Do you create something on your computer for yourself? Really think about what YOU do that most other people don’t do.

I hope you answered these questions as in depth as possible. That is the key to this exercise. Go back and circle each of the words or ideas that came up multiple times. Put a star next to the ideas that make you the happiest.

What should you do next to find your blog niche? What did you write down that you could talk about for hours? If you found someone as interested in the subject as you, what could you have the most fulfilling conversation about?

THAT is what I believe should be your blog niche.

One last step you should do is to look at Google Trends to see what the interest level of your niche is to the public. This will also show you the topics that are related to your niche, which can help create inspiration for your blog post topics.

Google Trends is a helpful website to find out if your audience is looking for your topic

Hopefully, this made it a lot clearer on what your blog niche is going to be. The next step is to create your blog audience avatar. This is where you literally create (all the way down to their name) who you are talking to when writing your blog posts. This is something that has changed everything about my blog. When I feel uninspired or not sure what I should write about next, I close my eyes and picture my audience avatar. What do they need right now? How can I help them through a keyboard or design software? Answering these questions gives me direction and motivation to create something worthwhile.

Need help doing this? My Blog Planner Printable can help give you more direction and walk you through all the steps of planning your blog niche and content.

Find your blog niche at KristinPearson.com