We have ALL been there. It’s January 1st and you have the mindset of a tiger ready to pounce on your goals.

You walk into the gym for the first time in ages or you sit in front of your computer with an empty pad of paper. THIS will be the year you lose 30 pounds or THIS will be the year you write that book or THIS will be the year you get that promotion or THIS will be the year you start your own business.

But what happens in the next couple weeks? Life gets busy and you set your goal aside.

The January 1st effect never lasts. School starts back up again or you start a new project at your full time job. That feeling of determination you had diminishes and soon its February and your laughing about how this year’s new year resolution ended up just like all the previous ones.

But then it’s June and you are trying on swimming suits and its not funny anymore. Then you look around and realize you have spent more time doing administrative work than what you actually dream about doing for a living. Then you wish you would have just kept with whatever you set out to do on January 1st.

So how do we end this cycle?

My name is Kristin and I am here to work with you to accomplish your goals. I want to push you to achieve your goals and keep them in your sights at all times. You need to put your happiness first and live the life you want. The idea of getting old and regretting that I didn’t take enough risks doesn’t sit well with me, and I don’t think it should with you either.

If you have done any research on goal setting or you have read somebody’s success story, you know that the first step to accomplishing your goal is to write it down. Just keeping it in your head will not keep you accountable. So what I want you to do RIGHT NOW is grab a new notebook or pad of paper and answer these questions. RIGHT NOW.

  1. What is my big-picture goal?
  2. How can I break this into 3 smaller goals/checkpoints? (Break it down into more if you can but it needs to be at least 3)
  3. What are the action steps for each of those smaller goals?

Now you have a a list of all the action items you need to take for your entire big picture goal to become a reality. Doing this brain dump is single-handedly the most effect way to starting a real resolution for yourself. Failing to spend enough time of time on this is doing a disservice to yourself and could limit your potential success.

What is the next most important thing to write down?

“I will complete this goal by ___”

Write this so the date is big. It should be a huge reminder for you every time you look at this sheet.

A Different Way to Visualize Goal Setting

Have you ever written down the groceries you need then got to the store and realized that you left it at home. You will go through the list in your head or up and down the aisle questioning everything if you need it or not. If only you had that list, you wouldn’t have to waste time in the store and you would be out of there with everything you need.

Goal setting is the same as a grocery list. You need to have your goals in a format that you can reference constantly to make sure you stay on track.

Sticking with the grocery list idea, writing your big goal is a good start, but breaking it down makes it achievable.

If you go to the grocery store with a list of the meals you want to make, its very possible that you are going to forget some finer details. Just saying that you are going to make chicken cacciatore is step one, but writing out all the ingredients is even better.

If you could look 90 days into the future, what would your life look like?

I am willing to bet that you could be more successful at achieving your goal than you can even imagine. If you gave 90 completely committed days to achieving your goal, you will far and beyond exceed your expectations. Sure, having big, five year goals is great, but breaking those goals down into 3 month periods seems to be the sweet spot among professionals.

Go through your list that you made earlier and give each small task a deadline. Group your tasks together by when they need to be completed: 90 days out, 180 days out, 270 days out and 360.

There. Now you have your action plan for the rest of the year. The last step to goal setting…

Take Action

Planning your goals is one of the most important parts of living your dream life. However, you can plan and plan and plan but the success comes from following your plan. You need to get it in your mindset that it is unacceptable to not complete your tasks by your due date. This is your LIFE. You only have ONE. Why waste it wishing you didn’t just do what would have made you happy?