Whether it’s your blog, crochet projects, or even gardening, it can make you money if you want it to. The road may be long or you may make money tomorrow but either way, in order to turn your hobby into a business you need to keep reading.

Because we are talking about hobbies here, we have to keep in mind that you aren’t going to have eight hours a day to devote to this. Chances are, you have a normal 9-to-5 job, or you have kids, or you already have a crazy busy schedule. Obviously, we all do.

But if you were seriously wanting something that’s gonna make you money, which could lead to a full-time business with this hobby, or just make a few bucks on the side so you can start saving for a dream vacation, you need to be honest with yourself.

The first thing you absolutely must do for anything to be worthwhile in your life is to devote time to it. This probably isn’t something that I had to say, but I really want to frame why this first step is the most crucial. When it comes to our schedules, it’s very easy for things to get ahead of us and all of a sudden it’s Sunday night again and you have no idea where the last week went. You may have thought about your hobby here and there, you may even have worked on it, but you couldn’t really say how long you actually spent on it… or if a life-changing amount of progress was made.

The number one thing you absolutely need to do to turn any hobby into a business is to schedule out your day and be more intentional with your time. Do you ever look at the screen time app on your phone? While it’s usually not a pretty sight, it counts out how many minutes or even hours you spent a day scrolling through Instagram, playing Candy Crush, or whatever it is you do on your phone.

For me, this was eye-opening, and a real turning point in my story of how I turned my blog into a profitable business. When I saw how much time I was playing a stupid game on my phone every week, I was so disappointed. It was almost a full workday after all adding up. Do you know what I could do if I devoted entire workday to my blog?

For your websites, that could mean researching and installing a better theme that’s more mobile responsive or highlights your brand colors better. That could mean going out and taking better pictures for featured images. That could even mean 2 to 3 fully SEO ready blog posts.

This got me thinking, and I hope it does for you too. What could you do with an extra hour every single day? No, let’s be honest, there is no possible way you can start living like there are 26 or 27 hours in a day. I know Oprah makes it seem possible, but I promise there is no 13 or 14 p.m. on her clock.

I want you to start getting more intentional with how you spend your time. To do that, it might mean not sleeping in nine or 10 hours every day. It might mean getting up at 7 AM on Saturday and Sunday or even might mean deleting that damn app off your phone.

Now, before you get together your online buddies and plan out how you’re going to come to track me down for this, I want you to think about your goals. Is your goal really just to keep playing a game that doesn’t matter to your future financial situation? Is your goal to see as many people THEIR dream life on Instagram? Of course, it’s not!

Download my FREE Life Planner Printables below. It includes a printable daily schedule built for you to schedule your life in order to optimize your time so you can turn your hobby into a business. There are also other pages included that you should check out like shopping lists, calendars, and more.

Turn your hobby into a profitable business with KristinPearson.com

The most important thing you have to do is not let your schedule run your life, you need to be in power of your schedule. Every morning when you wake up, you need to know when you are going to have an hour to devote to your hobby. Can’t make everything go away for a whole hour? Try two 30-minute periods in the day. I recommend this to be in the morning when your mind is fresh and then you don’t have to go through the day hoping nothing happens that takes your hour, and your future money, go away.

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