Can Blogging Make Money? – The Truth Behind the “Easy” Way to Make Money at Home

Short Answer: Yes. Long Answer: It takes time and effort.

You must be intentional and smart when it comes to creating a blog that will make you money. Blogging is not about writing 5 posts and slapping ads everywhere and calling your boss immediately saying that you quit. You are not going to instantly turn into Melyssa Griffin or your favorite blogger.

In fact, I guarantee that your favorite blogger has almost 100 posts telling you to lower your expectations, put your head down, and just do the work. Below are the different elements of a money-making blog that you need to be aware of. You cannot implement this all in a day, but you should read this entire post and create a schedule on how you are going to transform your blog.

Making Money with Ads on Your Blog

There are two different types of ways you can make money blogging with paid advertisements. The first way is to use CPC/PPC ads, which means “cost-per-click” or “pay-per-click”. This is when you use an ad network to place ad areas on your website, and using algorithms, it loads ads onto your page when someone is viewing your blog post. This is a good way to learn how ads work and doesn’t require too much time to implement. The best thing about this popular implementation of ads is that there are an infinite amount of helpful posts and tutorials if you get stuck.

Some popular CCP ad networks are Google AdSense, Infolinks, and Google AdSense, like most things the popular company does, is clean and easy to understand. These programs exist so you do not have to work with the companies that are paying for the advertisement, you are only providing the space.

You can also choose to do the outreach and select the content of your ads on your own if you sell private ads. When you start receiving a lot of traffic, you may have companies reach out to you that are selling a product relevant to your content. You can even reach out to companies you want to work with and see if they are interested in your advertising space. A quick note about this is that you need to have traffic before reaching out because the first question they are going to ask to see if it is worth it financially is “how many views is this page going to get?”

When you are reaching out to companies, it is best to be prepared with already knowing the answer to any question they are going to ask. Most bloggers that have decent viewership create an info sheet or another easy way to send a company the information they will ask.

Interested in creating an information sheet or “Media Kit”? Make sure you answer the following questions:

What are your website statistics? What is your bounce rate? How long does the average person spend on your site? How many returning visitors do you get? All of this is easily found on your Google Analytics, which you should definitely have installed on your blog by now.

You should also include any bonus information you can like if you send out an email newsletter, will the advertiser get featured in it? If so, how many people are on your email list and what is the open rate? Do you have a social media page that is connected to your blog and is that a way you will also be promoting this product?

If you would love to put together a media kit and find that your numbers aren’t ideal, I suggest going back through your posts and improving their SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This will help raise those numbers in time. Make sure you are keeping in mind that you could write the greatest blog posts in your niche, but if you aren’t marketing your page, no one is going to benefit from your insight. Always be promoting your blog and putting it out into the world in whatever way you can.

Affiliate Income

You can also work with companies in a similar fashion via affiliate posts. Making money with affiliate income is an easy process to understand, but most bloggers don’t understand how to correctly use affiliate linking.

Affiliate product linking is when you write about a product or service on your blog and send your readers to purchase it through a special link. This link is connected to you so if your reader purchases something via your link, you get a commission. Sounds easy right?

Like I said, it SOUNDS easy, but there is more than just adding links everywhere, thinking you can spam your way to replacing your income while sitting at home.
Have you ever been to a blog and there is someone ruthlessly promoting a product and seems like they just want to click the link and not actually help you? Don’t be that blogger! Affiliate links should be subtle and the goal of your posts should ALWAYS be to help someone.

Personally, I am a lover of planners and staying organized with pen and paper. I have bought too many planners to count, only to find that I hate the way the pages are organized, the paper quality is too cheap, or it is missing a key component that is important. I am an affiliate of the Passion Planner, the only one I have found that works for me. Instead of writing a post of “Why You Need to Buy The Passion Planner,” I would want to help my readers by writing posts about why it is important to stay organized, how staying organized with a planner can free up an hour of your day, or even comparisons of many planners. Then at the end, I can say that my personal opinion is that the Passion Planner is best suited for my needs, but that isn’t the focus of the article and isn’t distracting the readers from learning.

Did you notice what I did there? Where I called out the product, I created a hyperlink to my affiliate page for the company. I also included a picture of a Passion Planner that is linked as well. This is how affiliate income works.

How do you become an affiliate? There are actually companies you can apply to that house many products and service affiliate links. I have used and in the past, but there are many more you can search for. This makes it easy to see a bunch of products you can market. You can also search the website of the product that you love and see if they have an Affiliate Advertising option.

The Factors of How Much Money You Can Make

The most important factor for making money with your blog is traffic. No matter what you write about.


Your income potential is limitless when it comes to blogging if you approach it correctly. If you want to make sure your targeted audience even knows your articles exist! You do this through SEO, which means “search engine optimization.”

Design your blog and pages in a way that is easy to look at and legible. So make sure the point of each post is obvious in the first few sentences. Also, make sure you do not have over 100 links on a page. If you do, the crawlers will look at the page like it is spam. A crawler is the name of the bots that search engines like Google use to find what content is out there and rank them for searches.

When it comes to links, it is important that your pages all connect to each other. Think of your blog as a spiderweb and everything should continue connecting as you build out more and more content.

Limit your ad space. There cannot be so many ads that your page looks like a newsletter. Readers do not like to see ads. You know that the more people that see your pages means more money for you. If you have a page full of ads or an ad after every paragraph, no one is ever going to come back to your page and they certainly are not going click on those ads (hint: That makes you way more money than just a view).

Your blog needs to load quickly. Use the Google Speed Test to test your site. If you need to compress your images, this will let you know. Compressing your images and saving them as smaller file types like .jpg will go a long way. This definitely pays off in the long run. DO NOT ignore this and with the tool, it is too easy to make significant changes that will better your blog.

I hope that all the information above helps you in your endeavor to create a profit-generating blog. I will be adding more and more to this page every week, so check back soon!