• It should fit onto one page without being crowded. A second page should only be used for references.
  • Resumes usually get 10-20 seconds to make an impression, so don’t write and autobiography. What makes a recruiter slow down and pay more attention? Add numbers.
  • Use Arial, Verdana, Tahoma or Helvetica font.
  • At the top: Full name, phone number, email and personal website (you should have one of these by now). Address optional.
  • Experience should always be in reverse chronological order with your most recent job first. That’s what is seen first.
  • Be prepared to be grilled on any skills you put on there, so be honest but don’t forget to brag about yourself.
  • If your GPA isn’t 3.8 or above, leave it off altogether.
  • If you don’t have someone proofread your resume, you don’t deserve your dream job (sorry!)
  • Research the job or internship and add as many words from that description onto your resume as possible. It’s called targeting. I pursued and received my dream internship and job, so I’d like to think I know a little about what I’m saying.
  • Things to leave off: Salary requirements, religious affiliations, personal social media accounts (excluding LinkedIn), birthday/age, marital status, photo/headshot.
  • If you are going to make a “creative” resume: Beware. It has to be executed flawlessly and still needs to be able to be read in less than 15 seconds. Never use a dark background, most resumes get screened with software before a recruiter sees it, so don’t risk it.
  • What resume tips do you have? What about things people should NEVER do on their resume? I would love to hear from some recruiters out there!

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