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You have the same 24 hours in a day as Oprah. As Beyonce. As Warren Buffet. As Michael Jordan.

Don’t give me the excuse that you are in college or you are a single mother or you don’t have enough money to follow your dreams.

I heard this once when I was thinking about taking a chance that has stuck with me: You are going to have bills, whether you go after your dreams or you don’t.

Adele, Lebron James, and Anthony Robbins are all humans. If a single human has achieved it, so can you. The difference between you and them is that they spend the 24 hours of the day differently than you. They know what they want and they do whatever it takes to win.

You may look at your life and feel defeated because where you are and look at everyone around you that is doing what you want to do, but ten times better. Doesn’t that just kill you?

Well, I am here to tell you it shouldn’t. That needs to motivate you and serve as a guiding light.

Because of them, you can see that the path you want to take is out there.

If a single human has achieved it, so can you.

You have the same 24 hours.

Think about weight loss. Do you ever look at celebrities that gained weight and then lost it and look amazing again? Maybe they had kids or quit the business for a little bit and unflattering photos are on the tabloids that you sneak a peek at before checking out at Target. Then it feels like a month later they are back on the cover promoting a product that helped them lose the weight and get their perfect body back.

Think about what they actually did to lose the weight. It wasn’t some stupid pill or a new superfood. It was their mind. They decided that they wanted to change and they are willing to do what it takes to get there.

What will you decide you want and what you will do anything for?

“I’m tired, I don’t want to do it” well if you don’t do it, then do you really want your

Make the most of your 24 hours todaydreams?

Look back at this day one year ago.

If you had one less hour of sleep 365 days ago, could you be in a different place now? Or are you sitting here right now thankful that you had that one extra hour of sleep 365 days ago?

What if you got up that day and wrote your goals down and your game plan and started working towards your dream? Maybe you started writing that first draft or ran for the first time in ages or built your website or read that book.

You would look back on that day a year later and thank yourself.

I couldn’t tell you how many hours of sleep I had last night but I can tell you that I woke up and went for a walk and listened to a podcast that reflects what I want in life. I came home and looked at my goals and got motivated. I went to work and stayed motivated. I went on a walk during my lunch break and listened to another podcast that kept me hungry for what I want.

Every single moment you can afford to dedicate to your goals needs to be dedicated to your goals. That is the way you will reach them and be successful. You need to think, breathe, bleed what you want in life.

Tony Robbins was born in an abusive household with a mother that married and divorced many times and he worked as a janitor to contribute to the household. He left home at 17, never to return, and didn’t go to college.

But you’ve heard of him because he used the same 24 hours as you.

Oprah Winfrey was born to a poor teenage mother and became one herself at the age of 14 but lost her infant son two weeks into his life. She was molested by her uncle, cousin and family friend, starting when she was nine years old.

But you’ve heard of her because she used the same 24 hours as you.

Christina Aguilera was only four years old when she was found with her face bloodied up because “Daddy wanted to take a nap and I made too much noise.”

But you’ve heard of her because she used the same 24 hours as you.

I could go on and on, but I think you get the point.

Sometimes Later Becomes Never

There has been something in the back of your mind the entire time you have been reading this. Be honest with yourself, what is it? What is that thing in your head that you so desperately want to do, but feel like you might not ever get to? Or maybe you think you will, but you just need to start.

The time is now.

We all have something we want to do and we all keep holding off. Maybe you’re waiting for Monday, or waiting for your kids to get older, or waiting for YOU to get older.

I think that is complete bullshit.

I hate when I hear my coworkers say “we will figure that out later.” No. We are talking about it now, so let’s make decisions now. Some event could be a year away but if its important enough that we are talking about it now, we need to start making moves now.

How many things have you wanted to get done that you put off until “later” and then it never actually got done?

You would tell yourself that you would put money aside and when you had enough, start a business or maybe you ordered pizza and promised yourself that Monday was when your diet started

All of a sudden its a year later and you spent the small amount of money you saved on a new laptop or you’re going shopping because your pants don’t fit again.

Let’s stop that cycle right now.

I did everything I was supposed to. I wrote down a goal and benchmarks with deadlines I wanted to accomplish. I wanted to start an online store with my sports designs and by the end of the summer, I wanted to have 10 designs completed and have Facebook ads running.

Guess how many designs I have made.


You see, everyone runs into this from time to time. We put off long-term gains for short-term pleasure or, what my issue is, I have too many goals and cant focus on just one, so none of them end up getting accomplished.

Let’s work together.

Let’s all vow right now to set one goal and reach for it. Make it uncomfortable but worthy. If we run into a wall and feel like we have had enough, please remember:

You have the same 24 hours in a day as Oprah. If she can do it, so can you.


8 Responses

  1. This was a much needed kick in the ass for me. I often complain and don’t want to do the things that will progress me further in life. What a wake up call.

  2. Wow! What a great read! I totally needed this. I started a blog over 2 years ago and was wanting to make money off of it but never did. I took so many “breaks,” months at a time to do, well, nothing… I read about so may bloggers who have make 1,000, 5,000, 10,000 dollars a month within their first year of blogging and here I am going on year 3 and don’t even have an email list. I’m so sick of living a mediocre life. But it’s because I’m only putting in mediocre effort. So, thank you for this! I’ve spent too much time making up excuses when I need to start making plans. 🤗🙏🏻

  3. What you say is completely true! It is all about time management, and writing down your goals is such an important part!

  4. YES!!! This just got me all the way in check! I have been wanting things and its time to put my foot forward and work on them like the successful people you named. They use their 24 hours differently and I needs to start doing the same thing!

  5. Everything you said is completely true!! And yes you just got me all the way together in 5 minutes, I need to start going after my dreams and using my 24 hours differently to achieve those goals

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