Why You Should Use a Focus Keyphrase Only Once

The goal is to rank as high as possible on Google for your keyword, so in theory, you should use the same keyphrase on multiple pages right?

Unfortunately, that is not how it works. Google’s bots have gotten very sophisticated and staying up to date on best SEO practices and can skyrocket your blog traffic.

Improve your SEO by using a focus keyphrase only once

Using a Keyphrase Multiple Times

If you want to boost your SEO and establish yourself as an expert in your niche, the last thing you want to do is compete against yourself. The bots that scan the internet sees your individual pages separately, and rank accordingly.

Your keyphrase is the most integral part of your Google ranking, and if you are using the same one on multiple pages, the chances of them both ranking for that term is extremely difficult.

To make sure that you don’t use a keyphrase more than once, you really should have the Yoast plugin installed on your WordPress blog. This plugin is EVERYTHING for SEO.

Using Similar Keyphrases

If you have established your niche, it is perfectly normal that you will write multiple posts about the same information, which you can use to your advantage to boost your SEO.

There are a ton of different variations that you could search to find information, so it is in your best interest to cast a net that is intentional and specific.

How to Find Similar Keyphrases

You don’t need special software or to pay for exclusive memberships to determine what your keyphrases you should be.

In fact, I want you to picture that you are your ideal audience. How are they going to find you? A Google search, of course!

All you have to do is the same thing. Let’s say your niche is fishing and you want to be a known expert about what equipment to use.

First, you would search for “fishing”

Using google search to use a Focus Keyword Once

Now if you are writing about equipment, we can see that “fishing rod”, “fishing kayak”, “fishing gear”, “fishing equipment”, and “fishing pole” are among the first things that show up that your audience tends to click on.

These are all keyphrases that probably have a lot of competition. While you can certainly make these your keyphrases, but it may be difficult to rank on the first Google page.

Think about it like the Olympics. You have to first train and be the best in your city, then move on to be the best in the state. Then you keep moving on to be on the biggest stage in the world.

You aren’t just going to start the butterfly stroke one day and appear in the Olympics. Just as you can’t rank on Google with the keyphrase of “fishing.”

The next step is to pick the word on our first search that best describes what you are writing about. For my example I chose lures and now look what our next set of search results are:

Use a Focus Keyword Once by digging deeoer with google search

Now we are getting somewhere. How about we do this one more time to see what other possibilities. I’ll choose “types” as my next added word.

Improve your seo by using a Focus Keyword Once

Now we have a list easily made for us showing what our options are so you use a focus keyphrase only once. “Best types of fishing lures” and “Fishing lures for beginners” are different, but both very likely searches your audience will make. Creating posts for both of these keyphrases will tell google more about what your niche is and that you have content about relevant topics.

Action Items:

  • Install Yoast SEO Plugin
  • Research similar focus keyphrases using Google
  • Create a spreadsheet or note page with focus keyphrases
  • Optimize your posts with researched keyphrases
  • Use research to plan future posts


I hope this helps you with your SEO and keyphrase selection. If you have any questions, please comment below and I’ll help you out!


Use a Focus Keyword only once


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