So there I was, working on my blog and watching the football game. Generally, this is what my usual Sunday looks like.

I am a huge sports fan and I am always trying to better my blog, so my computer was on my lap and I felt like I was sitting there for quite a while multitasking.

After the game was over, I looked down and viewed my blog. Basically nothing had actually changed.

I realized that I was constantly doing this. Working on this blog, which is very important to me, while I was focused on something else.

What does that actually say about how much I care about my blog?

As someone that wants my blog to grow faster, have I actually earned that right?

Do you do this with your blog as well? Are you half-assing your blogging while expecting a full-ass reward?

This all comes down to being intentional. Steve Mehr said:

“You get what you focus on. So focus on what you want.”

If you are struggling to see the results you want, I challenge you to set aside time for your blog and your blog alone. If you did this for every day of the next month, you would have 30 hours of hard work reflected on your blog.

That much work could look like a whole new course you offer or updated an old resource and charging more for it. That could be completely optimizing your blog’s SEO so you are ranking higher on Google, thus bringing in more visitors, while means more subscribers, which ultimately means more money your blog could be profiting.

Feel like you don’t have an hour to give every day? I promise you do.

If you don’t have it on now, go to your phone settings and start tracking your usage. How many random minutes throughout the day are you scrolling on Instagram? Even if it is 5 minutes here and 10 minutes there, you could schedule your day more effectively to create just one extra hour for your blog.

The best part is that you are going to feel like you truly added another hour to your current 24 hours you have. When you’re playing Candy Crush, 15 minutes feels like five. That’s ten minutes you basically discarded from your life.

If you are ready to take my challenge, comment below “I will STOP WASTING TIME ON MY BLOG” or (and this is my preference) “I AM DONE HALF-ASSING MY BLOG!”

And if you are really serious about not wasting time on your blog, you should check out my Blog Planning Printables. This is how I started getting intentional about my blog and treating it with the respect and money making business it is!


Stop wasting time on your blog and start making money