Are you sick of DIY-ing your website or feeling like it isn't showing you off?

I’ve spent the last decade learning about web design, sales, and marketing. 

By combining these three key components, your website is going to look good, appeal to your target market, and book more business.

Now you can focus on making an impact, not the technology.

I went from trying to hire speakers to helping them get booked.

I spent the first 7.5 years working with speakers to execute events for hundreds of attendees. Meeting and hosting these speakers was a highlight of my job. At the same time, I was also creating websites, marketing materials, and more.

Contrary to the expected, I am actually a web “nerd” that loves to socialize and communicate with you. It makes me better at what I do and makes this process fun for us both!

I want to create partnerships and relationships, not clientele.

Coming from a non-profit and sales background, I learned that the relationships you create are the most important goal and that you should always strive for win-win situations.

I love partnering with service-based businesses like professional speakers and coaches who want to make a positive impact on this world. 

More than anything, I value connection. I work smarter and not harder so I can give personal attention to every project. I refuse to treat any person or business as just another number.

By continually helping speakers and coaches, I can focus on the specific needs that you have. 

Showcasing you as an expert, warming you up to your audience, and clearly communicating what you can offer.

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How my website design process is structured:

“I absolutely love the design she created and I cannot thank her enough for how nice and responsive she was!”

Molly Schmidt

Using my experience to build beautiful, smart websites

Specific Purpose Website
Fraternity Communications Association (FCA)

Pi Sigma Epsilon’s 2019 National Convention Website was recognized by FCA as the second place recipient in the Specific Purpose Website category. I was in charge of developing the content and design of this page which included interactive and responsive elements.

Publication Improvement – Printed Materials
Fraternity Communications Association

Pi Sigma Epsilon’s New Member Orientation Training was recognized by FCA as the second place recipient in the Publication Improvement – Printed Materials category. I was the lead designer and developer of this project that included a workbook, facilitator’s guide, powerpoint, and video supplements.

Publication Improvement – Magazine/Tabloid
Fraternity Communications Association

“This is a night and day difference and it is impressive. It took a newsletter and turned it into a professional magazine. Fantastic cover art and feature stories! A major improvement.”

“The category is outstanding efforts to improve an existing magazine or tabloid. They did this, hands down. They took an existing newsletter publication and turned it into a professional magazine.”

“The cover art was fantastic. The consistent use of typography and color was nicely done. The feature articles, use of big imagery, wrapping text, appropriate use of the angled photos, all were nicely done.”

Member of the Year
Illinois State Campus Recreation

Outstanding Team Member
Illinois State Campus Recreation

Two “Excellence in Service” Awards
Chicagoland Speedway

Creative leader responsible for development, process, implementation and results of all marketing materials, webmaster for corporate website, annual convention theme design and social media management

Develops innovative marketing tactics tapping into markets to increase membership and brand recognition

Implemented messaging for all Social Media accounts leading to 400%+ increase in customer traffic

Chief Editor of tri-annual magazine with reach of over 2,000 professional men and women each issue

Responsible for project management and oversite of 5 Regional Conferences, yearly National Convention and President’s Retreat, including Emcee responsibilities for major workshop offerings

Trained 150+ students each academic year training courses in leadership and delegation development

Accountable for managing, coaching, and developing productive professional fraternity chapters nationwide

Four-month internship working as the assistant to the head of creative services at a facility that holds 75,000 people

Design digital and print marketing materials for large-scale events including signage, flyers, apparel, and more

Reinvented the VIP credential access request system into a series of web forms, streamlining the once antiquated process

Sales of event merchandise during events

Networked with partners, suppliers, and special guests to ensure the best experience while at each event

Placed first in the Intern Marketing Challenge by creatively extending the reach of marketing efforts in order to drive sales

Final capstone project was to create a website for a local business. My group received the top grades and the business requested to use our project as their published site.

Positional Recruiting
Carew International

Google Analytics

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Hubspot Academy

On a more personal note:

Married in May 2022 to my forever dance partner

Chicago Blackhawks, Bears, and Cubs fan

Two cats (Lucy, Blanche) and one dog (Roxie) Assistants 

Homeowner and couldn’t be more proud of the life we are building

I enjoy public speaking and going to events/conferences

It would be my honor to work with you!

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