Bold Website for Professional Speaker and Coach

What Works in This Website For Professional Speaker Odell Bizzell:

Odell Bizzell is a nationally known blogger, speaker, author, and entrepreneur. While in high school Odell started a small candy retail distribution center that earned him over $75,000 while earning an academic scholarship to college

As a successful keynote speaker Odell has been featured in the USA Today, Yahoo Finance,, and over 200 media outlets. Odell has partnered with over 200 colleges, youth organizations, and the military to reach tens of thousands of students.

Working with Odell was so much fun. He is a bold personality that let me have a lot of freedom when it came to the design. 

With his amazing photos, I was able to position him as the sought-after speaker for audiences of all sizes. 

Since he is a professional speaker for colleges and corporations, we wanted a way to divide those audiences. His homepage is perfect for any reader to know exactly where they are supposed to go.

There are testimonials everywhere on this website so anyone that is reading can confidently see that Odell is not going to let them down. 

His other social proof builders are his photos in front of incredibly-sized crowds and logos of his trusted previous audiences. 


What does Odell say about his new professional speaking website? Well…


Looking for a website like Odell’s? Let’s Chat!



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