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Episode Description

Many coaches and consultants tell people they don’t need a website, but the truth is, in today’s work environment, there is no true business without a website. If you want to be seen as a specialist or expert, a website is a must for building a successful business.

A website is a valuable asset and a huge piece of your business branding and marketing. So, build a sustainable website that will allow you to grow, position, and elevate your brand. People will be looking for you, and your website is the only tool to tell the story of what you do and who you help, and it will build trust.

In this episode, Kristin Pearson, an expert in web design, talks about branding, how to professionally design your website to attract premium clients, and build your visibility in the market to scale your business.


Snapshot of the Key Points from the Episode:

  • Kristin’s story and how she got where she is today.
  • She shares about a speaker who missed an opportunity due to poor website design. 
  • Why it’s important to build your web presence intentionally to brand yourself and grow.
  • Tips to create a professional website that can build, position, and elevate your brand. The challenges coaches and consultants go through when they are looking to create a website for their business.
  • How Kristin builds search engine optimization on websites to help google push to the right people
  • What sets her custom approach apart from Fiverr, Upwork web, and other designers.
  • How to resize videos to keep your website at optimal speed and searchable on google.
  • How Kristin empowers clients to make their own changes on their website after building it for them.
  • What to look for when hiring a designer.

About Kristin Pearson:

Kristin Pearson has been designing websites for over a decade. After graduating from college with a web design degree, she joined the staff of a non-profit where she took responsibility for many aspects of the business. After over seven years and numerous industry awards, Kristin left to pursue her entrepreneurial dream of starting a freelance design business.

Now, she helps coaches, consultants, and professional speakers build credibility, spread their message, and get booked out. Her clients appreciate the care and personal attention she gives in order for a website to authentically spotlight each business.

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About the Host:

Ann Carden is a highly sought-after Expert Business Growth Consultant, Marketing Strategist, three-time published Author, and a #1 Bestselling Author, and Professional Speaker for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

With more than forty-one years of business experience and coaching and consulting hundreds of coaches, entrepreneur’s and owners in more than forty different industries to more success, Ann knows what it takes to succeed in all areas of business.

After spending thirteen years in corporate business management, Ann started her journey as an entrepreneur building businesses for herself for twenty-nine years. Her first business started out of financial hardship and Ann was able to propel that business into the international market (before the internet.)

After selling that business, she went on to start and build five more businesses to succeed. She has sold those businesses and today has a passion for helping small business owners and entrepreneurs build their success.

She has been featured on the affiliates of ABC, NBC, CW, and FOX, among many other media outlets. Her articles have been published on Small Business Trendsetters and Business Innovators Magazine, and she has been a featured guest on multiple podcast shows such as; “Business Innovators Radio” podcast which can be heard at:

She was also chosen as one of the top coaches in the world by Six-Figure Coach Magazine.

Through the years Ann has educated thousands of professionals through speaking, workshops, seminars, and online platforms as a Speaker.

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Ann Carden (00:00):

I love when coaches, consultants, and professional service providers wanna do big things in their business. They wanna rise to the top and influence their market and the world around them. They wanna have a greater impact and make a more lucrative income. Look, this is you. Welcome to Expert In You podcast, the show where I interview other experts and coaches, consultants so that they can share their success strategies with you. We’re gonna talk about marketing and how to close more sales, how to get more premium clients, and how to really build your visibility in the market and scale your business like a boss. If this is you, welcome to the show. I wanna ask you to subscribe and hit the notification bell right now so you don’t miss one episode. Grab your coffee and buckle up because we are ready to give it all to you to help you become the expert and get paid as the expert that you are.

Kristin Pearson (00:59):

Welcome back everyone, to another episode of Expert In You podcast. I’m your host Ann Carden, and today I have Kristen Pearson with me as my expert guest. Kristen, welcome to my show.


Thank you. I’m so happy to be


Here. I’m so excited to have you. I love what Kristen is doing. She is an expert web designer and she works with coaches and consultants. That’s really her main business and so I knew, obviously I had to have her on here to share her expertise and her wisdom, but she has a really cool background that just fascinated me. She worked for nascar, so that’s pretty cool, right? <Laugh>. so yeah, Kristen, why don’t you just tell everyone sort of your backstory and what got you into what you’re doing today and, and just share your expertise.


Yeah. so first of all, thanks for having me. I am super pumped to be here. My backstory starts, I feel like it’s a funny thing to say now, but it starts back when MySpace was a big deal and I was in grade school. I was obsessed with making everything pretty and I accidentally taught myself how to code through that <laugh>. So then when I was choosing a college major, I knew I wanted to go into something creative. I loved computers and a counselor was like, try web design. And I was like, well, okay. And so I went in, I got a whole degree in it. And then, yeah, like you said, I thought I wanted to go into a sporting, like sports graphic design. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative> worked for NASCAR for an internship and just realized that I think I’d prefer to enjoy sports and make it in, use it as entertainment than wanna work it all. And Right. The other thing was the, the, the office kind of space was a lot more corporate than I expected. And it was like everybody kind of had their lane and you were expected to stay in it. And, and that just wasn’t an environment that worked for me cuz I’m always, I have a million ideas at all times. You’re


Creative, I am a create, right? And I just like, oh,

Ann Carden (02:58):

You can’t work in that,

Kristin Pearson (03:00):

The cubicle thing and just having like a couple responsibilities just wasn’t what was, you know, I wasn’t thriving in that. And so I, after my internship, which I loved I found just the most incredible opportunity with a nonprofit and it was celebrated that I had a ton of ideas. And so they hired me as their graphic and web designer and then it turned into I was doing sales and I was traveling the country and meeting with a bunch of people and it was super fun. And well, I was there, I mean, total for seven and a half years. But throughout that what was really fun and what got me to where I am now is we held a lot of events throughout the year and so we were hiring speakers, like coaches and consultants to come in and train our members mm-hmm. <Affirmative> and I just found that those were the best people to hang out with.


They were some of my favorite people that I got connected with. And we had all these events and it would always be like we were responsible for finding the speakers. And I remember there was one and I thought he’d be perfect. He was just everything we were looking for. And I had met him on like a LinkedIn thing and stuff, and so I mentioned his name in a meeting and what everybody did immediately is what you would think of right away is they Googled his name, they went to his website and unfortunately, and I see this a lot, it looked more like an obituary than it did at marketing.

Ann Carden (04:21):

Oh, no. <Laugh> and we’re dive into this for sure. Yeah.

Kristin Pearson (04:25):

Yes. And it was just like one photo, whatever, you know, we’ll get into that, but it just, it didn’t serve him at the level that I knew. He was like, I knew he was such a better speaker and you know, a couple years later I realized like, I can solve this problem. So yes, the side business that I had started was all because my then boyfriend and I were talking about getting married, buying a house, and I just wanted to bring in some more money so we could fast track that a little bit and started doing websites on the side. And it just grew into something that I just loved so much. I ended up leaving my job after seven and a half years to do this full-time. So now this is, I work with coaches, speakers, consultants, and any expert to make sure that they’re kind of, you know, shown as such online.

Ann Carden (05:11):

Oh, that’s such a great story. And I love too how you really identified the gap and yes, coaches and consultants are fun people we’re awesome. We are fun. <Laugh>

Kristin Pearson (05:22):

<Laugh>, I, if anybody can’t tell already, I very much value communication and talking and everything and I just, coaches love to do that too. So

Ann Carden (05:30):

I do

Kristin Pearson (05:30):

We do we really get along well,

Ann Carden (05:32):

<Laugh> No, I really do. I really do. Like how you really found that you found that gap and you said there’s a need here and mm-hmm. <Affirmative>, I need to, to serve in this way. But all of that experience and expertise and everything that you had built up to be able to put that into something you are working for yourself, making more money. Yes. All the things that you talked about. And now she is married because we did have that conversation. <Laugh>,

Kristin Pearson (05:56):

I am married in a, it’s a house

Ann Carden (05:58):

That we own boyfriend that you were talking about. That is,

Kristin Pearson (06:00):

Yes. Okay. We’ve been together for like seven years now, so

Ann Carden (06:03):

Yes. Okay.

Kristin Pearson (06:04):

Married for two and a half months.

Ann Carden (06:06):

Well, I love it. And I looked at some of her work and it’s just absolutely beautiful and she definitely knows what she’s doing. She is a true pro, a true expert. We only have experts on the show, so Yes.

Kristin Pearson (06:19):

<Laugh>, I’m honored.

Ann Carden (06:20):

Well, we’re happy to have you here. So I wanna dive into some of the things around web design. And you brought up a really good point, the speaker, did he miss that opportunity? Did he miss He

Kristin Pearson (06:32):

Did. We he did. Never ended up hiring him. I, I still am connected with him on LinkedIn, so I’ve been following his journey and he did get his website redone recently and I was so proud of him. I even sent him a message. But he

Ann Carden (06:44):

Could have been your first client, Kristin.

Kristin Pearson (06:46):

He he could’ve <laugh>, he really could’ve. But it was back, I mean, back when we were connected, I wasn’t, I I didn’t even know being an entrepreneur in my early thirties was gonna be a possibility. I thought my path was gonna be working for different companies, learning a lot more and then maybe later go for it. And yes, I just, you know, everything lined up when it did and I was like, I’m just gonna do it. So by that time he had already gotten, you know, his new website, <laugh>. I’m proud of him, <laugh>. But

Ann Carden (07:12):

I think it’s a really important thing and I, I talk all the time about, you know, building up your brand and having strong positioning and people Google you. Yeah. And even yeah, even for speakers these days, they will Google you Sure. You can send ’em a one sheet. Sure. You can send ’em a speaker reel, but they are gonna Google you and they’re gonna see what you’re all about. Yeah. And, and so that website is a huge piece of that. And I know when we got on the first call to kind of talk about what we’re gonna talk about on the show, <laugh> we talked about a lot of, a lot of coaches and consultants and are out there telling people, telling other coaches they don’t need a website <laugh> or telling. Yeah. It’s just the craziest thing. And we had that conversation because I see that advice given out there in the industry.


And first of all, I’ve built a lot of businesses and I’ve never seen a true business without a website. I’m just gonna say that. Yeah. To me, they don’t look like a business if they don’t have that. And so we talk, we talked about that and so I would like to dive into that just a little bit. Yeah. Because if you’re gonna be seen as the specialist, as the expert, as a real pro, as you know, as a real business, this is a must. You don’t need it necessarily like to get your first client. We talked about

Speaker 3 (08:25):

That, right?

Kristin Pearson (08:26):

Yeah. But you have to have a website as, especially if you’re working in corporate Yes. Where you’re working with businesses or you’re working with professionals, that website is going to be such a valuable asset to you. And you can host a lot of things on there too.


So yeah, you can host so many things and your business can grow so much with your website. But yes, to go back to the social media and like the corporate world mm-hmm. <Affirmative>, if you are gonna make a big deal with somebody, somebody you know, like something that could maybe pay, you know, all your bills for a year even more, if you’re gonna put that much value on your work, the last thing you wanna do is go to a board meeting and say, check out this person’s Facebook page. Or their Instagram


Or their Instagram. Right.


Yeah. It’s like, and if somebody isn’t gonna invest in themselves, I mean, how are they gonna invest in you and are they even real, you know, they’re, it’s so easy to fake an online persona at this point. Like we’ve all just been in our comp on our computers for so long that it’s just like, how can someone trust you? And I truly believe that, you know, your website is the foundation cuz then everything else is great. That’s good to have like, you know, keep growing, but it all should come back to at least your home base of what you are and you know, where you can host all of that information.

Ann Carden (09:46):

Yeah. And it really is a hub for your business. It’s almost like if you were a brick and mortar business and people who walk through the door, your website is really that it has that kind of value. Yeah. it really is like your home <laugh>,

Kristin Pearson (10:00):

Right. And you might start with a, with a cart or you know, a food truck and then eventually you’re gonna buy a Right. The brick and mortar like restaurant and go like bigger and all of that. And so it, it’s the same way with a coaching or any business where you’re seen as an expert. It’s just, it’s not as tangible in your hands.

Ann Carden (10:17):

Yes, absolutely. I love that. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. And so you talked about some of the, we, you know, you shared some of the tricks or some of the tips that you have for people. So they look professional, so they show up with a website that’s gonna really build the brand, elevate their brand and position them as a person that can demand a bit bigger fees. I mean, look, you can look budget like, okay, go to my Facebook page. Right. <laugh> or, or you can look like I’m a real business, I’m a real professional here. What are some of the, the kind of the tips that you have for people with their website so it doesn’t look like an obituary and so it looks like you were alive and well and successful <laugh>.

Kristin Pearson (11:00):

Yeah, I think, I think as humans, we’re all such visual creatures these days. Yes. And you know, it’s, it’s, we all like to say don’t judge a book by it. It’s cover. But we all judge books by the covers. You know, like we don’t pick one up if it doesn’t look great. And so I think photos are a great way to start this conversation of having professional headshots, having photos of you doing the thing that you do, whether it’s speaking or coaching or you know, working one-on-one, whatever it is in your expert business that you’re doing. It’s so important that you have visual representation of that. And it’s not, you know, just a headshot because you could’ve had that headshot from a corporate job, you know, like you could, that could be just the picture that you brought over and it’s not really telling the story about what you do, who you help.


And it’s not building trust with everybody like that. Trust is kind of the biggest thing about a website that I think sometimes gets overlooked. Cuz people wanna tell their story, they wanna display their offers, but at the end of the day they need to trust you first. And so photos are huge for that. And having, you know, no selfies or anything like from your phone, like having someone having taken professional photos, views super great and a designer will love you so much for those <laugh>. And also with the trust, think testimonials are really important. Yes. And, you know, getting good testimonials and putting them throughout your page where it makes sense is kind of a big thing. I know a lot of people have like a case studies page or praise or it’ll just say testimonials on the menu and that’s okay. But I also really like to take good testimonials and sprinkle ’em throughout.


So if someone’s reading about a very specific program, having a testimonial that mentions that program right next to it just builds so much more credibility and it’s just, it’s gonna get you so much further with the person that’s reading. So good photos help with trust, testimonials, help with trust. So that’s kind of the big thing about that part of it. Something else your website needs to do, is it, we all have a lot of different devices these days. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative> and I looked this morning and every study is a little bit different, but one I saw this morning was 60% of browsing is now on your phone. So if your website doesn’t look good on a phone, you’re you’re missing out on so much potential leads or readers or whatever it is that you’re looking for. It’s just, it’s, it’s something that everything has to have now.


Right. And like, not just phone, we need to think about different screen sizes and everything. You know, like when I was growing up, every screen size was basically the same. It’s rally it, it wasn’t, there wasn’t much variation, but like I’m using a giant screen right now. Some people might be using just a tablet, some just their phone and that’s your website needs to work with all of those things and like pictures will shift and then all of a sudden it’s like not what you wanted the picture to look like and everything based on what screen size. So that’s something to test for sure. And to just make sure that it looks good for everybody. That’s another


One. Yeah. No, those are really great points. And and also why it’s hard to do these things for yourself when you are not an expert <laugh> and doing it because these are all the little nuances that someone who truly knows what they’re doing. And even if I knew how to do a website, I’m not sure I would know how to know how to change structure things mm-hmm. So that it would work across all different types of size screens and all that kind of thing. So that is a really, it’s an art. Oh, that’s a really important thing to understand. So I love that. What are some of the challenges that you see with coaches and consultants? You know, when they’re thinking about doing a website or they’re what, let’s talk about that a little bit.

Speaker 3 (14:44):

I think my main challenge that I get immediately is why can’t I just go to Fiber and get a $300 website design? Why go

Kristin Pearson (14:51):

With you? Oh yes. We wanna talk about this

Speaker 3 (14:54):

<Laugh>. Yeah. So, and I think with coaches it’s really easy to explain and I feel like I just have to frame it in a way that makes sense. But a person from Fiver, the website that you’re gonna get is a template. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>, you know, they might not even care about your content. They might not even put your content in the website. You might have to do that later. So that’s, they

Kristin Pearson (15:14):

Probably don’t even speak mostly your language. No. Which is another barrier. That’s a big barrier, right.

Speaker 3 (15:21):

So yeah, there’s that like, so you’re getting a cookie cutter template that probably hundreds of other people have, so you’re not setting yourself apart in any way. Like for that, that template might not be up to up to date standards. Okay. more than just like design standards, but like terms and conditions, cookies, privacy policy, all those things. Yes.

Kristin Pearson (15:42):

Security type of the

Speaker 3 (15:43):

Security part to protect

Kristin Pearson (15:45):


Speaker 3 (15:46):

Yeah. To protect your client’s information, but also your business. It’s a huge thing. Now I know anybody that is in the US that works with someone from Europe, you’re supposed to have that cookies thing at the bottom of the page. Like that’s, that’s a big deal. And they’re cracking down on larger websites, but I can expect it to, to start trickling down to maybe smaller businesses. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative> now because there’s a lot of lawsuits and people are winning a lot of money just because they don’t have, you know, their client’s information protected. Right. So that’s something that you’re not going to get for $300.

Kristin Pearson (16:16):


Speaker 3 (16:18):

Probably not gonna have any search engine optimization built into your website. So you wanna be able to be found on Google, that’s, you want your website to do business for you. Right. And so that’s not gonna be built in. And then I, wait,

Kristin Pearson (16:31):

Can I stop you for just a Oh

Speaker 3 (16:32):

Yeah, absolutely.

Kristin Pearson (16:33):

So do you do the s e o piece of it as well when you build your website?

Speaker 3 (16:37):

I, I do basic seo. So what I’ll do is I submit the websites to Google so it can be found. There’s things called crawlers that Google has and basically it’ll go through your website and like look at everything and try to get a good feel of what you do. So I submit that and make sure that that’s always live. There’s also different structural things that you need to do on your website for that to be found. So I’m, I adhere to the structure that pleases mm-hmm. <Affirmative> Google. And that’s like your headings, your texts, like it’s all built into like the code ish. Yes. that’s, that’s all in there. And then like your photos, having alt tags is really great. And this is just to round up my last list that I was saying accessibility is really big to me mm-hmm. <Affirmative> as well. So somebody that maybe has visual impairments, they need different plug-ins or different things on your website so that they can consume your content too. And I build that all in. So it’s not even like a thought that you would have, but mm-hmm. <Affirmative> that’s all in there. And then that goes back to SEO as well because that, you know, Google or other search engines also read through all of that to try to just get a better feel of what you do so they can push you out to the right people.

Kristin Pearson (17:43):

Right. Okay. That No, that’s really great information. And those are things too. A lot of people, people, even when you were talking about like the disability thing mm-hmm. <Affirmative>, I didn’t know about that. I wouldn’t have thought about that. Right. And so these are all the types of things that a professional is going to know and is going to think about and is going to make sure that you have compliance and all of those things. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>, but yeah. Someone from Fiber or Upwork or where hers not going to Yeah. They’re not going to do all of that. It

Speaker 3 (18:12):

That and then like, I mean, what sets me different from a five person is they’re not gonna give you the time of day. They’re not gonna give you a custom approach. You’re

Kristin Pearson (18:20):

Trying to do everything through a through a message box.

Speaker 3 (18:23):

Yeah. And, and you’re trying to communicate with someone that is probably sleeping when you’re usually awake. You know, there’s just so many different struggles about it. And I’m in the Midwest, so I’m probably awake when people in America are awake. But I really have a more custom approach. Like, I want to get to know your business so that whenever I’m creating it, it makes sense. Like if I’m working with somebody that’s brand new, their website is gonna be a little bit different than someone who’s been in the game for 20 years. Sure. just because they have different things that they offer or even can highlight. They might not have the big client list to show off, but they might have a really good testimonial. You know, it’s just mm-hmm. <Affirmative>, it’s kind of just moving things around. So you’re getting a custom approach with me. All of my websites are very different. And I like to think that because I just have so many ideas. So I, I love this part of it, <laugh>. That’s why I don’t do templates currently. Cause it’s just fun for me to be able to start a new masterpiece with each person.

Kristin Pearson (19:19):

Ooh, I love that. Did you hear what she just said? A masterpiece, <laugh>. And really, when you think about this being the foundation for your business gosh, that just adds so much value to your business. And if, if you think about even making the investment, for example mm-hmm. <Affirmative> $300, if you have a $300 website, it’s gonna look like a $300 website. But if you invest in a professional website and you’re, you are trying to get those bigger deals, those bigger clients, those bigger jobs. So speaking engagements, I mean, what is one of those worth to you? Yeah, it’s going to pay for the website. Right. It’s going to, it’s going to cover that. However, you mentioned the speaker that didn’t get the speaking engagement mm-hmm. <Affirmative> because he, his website looked like an obituary. <Laugh> <laugh>. So I, but I think, you know, we, I talk about missed opportunity all the time. When people aren’t positioned well and they don’t have their brand dialed in and they don’t have these things in place, they really do miss opportunities. They miss out on money in their business Yeah. And growth in their business because they think they can do things cheap. They think they can do things, you know, inexpensive and at the end of the day you’re gonna pay for it one way or the other. That’s what I always say.

Speaker 3 (20:34):

Yeah. And you’re probably gonna need a website, a new website within a year. <Laugh> like mine, I try to build mine as sustainable as possible. So like, you don’t have to come back to me for another three to five years. Yeah. until you have something really new for your business. And you can grow off of my websites as well. I have one client that sh we had already wrapped up her project a while ago and now I’m building in a course platform into her website. So it’s all in house. She doesn’t have to pay for a subscription for all, you know, a different place and send her clients to a whole nother location. It’s all gonna be built on her website. So there’s like a whole membership aspect to it and it’s just the foundation of a growing business. And so I love

Kristin Pearson (21:14):

That premium

Speaker 3 (21:14):

Experience is gonna get premium clients.

Kristin Pearson (21:17):

I wanna ask you something about that too. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. So it was, it’s my understanding that when you, when you house all of that on a website, it really slows it down. It really slows down the speed and Google doesn’t like that so it doesn’t make it searchable. Is there truth to that? Has that changed? I mean, I heard that a long time ago, so Yeah, I have to,

Speaker 3 (21:35):

There, there can be truth to that for sure because generally with those, there’s so many files and videos that go along. Right. That’s what I was, that’s what I was, if you’re, if you are shooting your video and you upload it and all of that, and then all of a sudden your, your website’s going slower so Google doesn’t like it. There’s just the trickle effect of right bad. That can definitely happen. But I mean that’s why you’re working with a designer is I’m resizing everything you send me so that it fits right so that your website’s as fast as possible mm-hmm. <Affirmative> and there’s Sure. If you are having a ton of courses, maybe it might be something that we build it on like another website. So it’s just that, but it all comes down to like your hosting, which is more backend stuff. But I use premium hosting and you know, my clients are on mine, so then I can kind of manage it and everything so I can see if something is going slower. Usually I can, I get notifications and then I find out that they’ve been uploading a bunch of pictures and writing blog posts and putting huge videos on it. And so I’ll just go in and resize ’em for

Kristin Pearson (22:35):

‘Em. Ah-Huh. <affirmative>. I love it. So when you build a website for someone, Kristen, do you still do backend work for them? Like ongoing? I can so they are supported with anything new that they wanna do or change. And how do you, how do you do that in your business? Do you charge by the hour? Do you charge you know, a package? How do you do that?

Speaker 3 (22:56):

Yeah, so whenever I work with a client, once I send them off, we go live with their website, they get two months of my maintenance. So like a website care plan and that’ll be, if they have updates to the content, they can send it to me just via a support ticket and I’ll just go in and change it for ’em. Or, I mean, you can, I always try to teach my clients as well of how to use it. But, so that’s for editing. All of the, my maintenance clients get an hour of my time every month of editing. So it’s just if you wanna change pictures, add stuff, whatever, but then the backend things it, they’re also getting that for the first couple months cuz I want them to see it. So I’m managing their analytics, their site speed. There’s daily backups in case you are in your, we’re your website and you do something and it all crashes, I can you just send me a text message and I’ll just re you know, I’ll just reset it and you’ll be all set. So I do that, it’s on a monthly basis, it’s like a package price. Okay. And so it’s not hourly. I feel like my, it just doesn’t work out that way. It’s not as seamless, but yeah. So one month it gives you, or by month, month by month it gives you hosting, backups, me making sure your website’s online at all times. Okay. Re you know, resizing all of your stuff and everything.

Kristin Pearson (24:10):

Great. Yeah. I I I know that’s always gonna be a question too people have Yeah. Is well how do I do it once she builds it once, you know, I have this beautiful website, then what

Speaker 3 (24:20):

<Laugh>? Yeah. So, and I, I record videos too. So each of my clients, I record videos and I create them an entire page on my website of how to edit things. So I’ll go into your website and show you how to edit things so that you’re not waiting for me, you know, to make a small change. Like if you change the title of a program. Right. I don’t want you to have to wait. I want you to feel empowered to make that change yourself. It’s your business business’s your website. So, because

Kristin Pearson (24:45):

That’d be very frustrating to wait

Speaker 3 (24:47):

Label. They can and it’s just that doesn’t help anybody’s schedule, you know, it doesn’t help mine or theirs. So I just, I like to empower people to be able to make those edits and then I’m there in your corner to help you out with anything else. Or if you just don’t wanna do it. I do have clients that are just would prefer to send me an email and I’m That’s great.

Kristin Pearson (25:04):

<Laugh>. Right. Well and two, you know, even if you have a VA or an assistant or somebody, somebody that is helping you in your business, if you’ve got the videos and things available, then you, they can be taught how to do it. So it doesn’t mean you have to do it yourself mm-hmm. <Affirmative>, but you can teach a team member to do it Yeah. As well. So I love it. I love it. Alright. What else would you like to share about websites, about design, about even anything that would help coaches and consultants when they’re thinking about doing something like this? What, what would you like to share?

Speaker 3 (25:36):

Yeah, I think if you’re looking for hiring a designer I, I would say definitely look at their portfolio, look at the work that they’ve done, but then make sure that they’re gonna get on a call with you. Make sure, or a zoom even better because you wanna have that personal connection. Sure. It’s something you wanna make sure you, you know, you get along with and you vibe with the person that’s gonna be in charge of this really important aspect of your business. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. So don’t be afraid to connect with people personally and, and don’t feel like you have to hire someone without even seeing them. You know, a lot of us web designers were you know, some people are known to be, you know, they don’t want to communicate or people think that techy, you know, people don’t like human contact, but I’d like you to know that

Kristin Pearson (26:18):

Not like that <laugh>

Speaker 3 (26:20):

There’s, there’s some of us that, that value that that experience. So I just, if you do look for somebody that’s a designer, maybe think about a specialist, think about their communication styles. Those are just things to consider. That’s a, I would love to work with the people that I work with because I can be selective too. I wanna work with people that wanna change the lives of others for the better. Right. That’s important to me. Me, I wanna work with people that are doing the good work out there. And so that’s why I don’t work with forklift repairmen like I used to <laugh>. Right. It’s just, it doesn’t, it doesn’t serve, it doesn’t make my heart happy. So yeah, just find someone that, that works well with you.

Kristin Pearson (26:57):

I love it. And she did share with me this, she really does only take a couple clients at a time that’s mm-hmm. <Affirmative> just what, how she has decided she wants to build her business and what she really loves. And I think she shared because she really wants to give the experience mm-hmm. <Affirmative> and she’s, she wants that, that site to have a lot of time and effort and thought and care put into it. And obviously you’re just one person. Right. And

Speaker 3 (27:24):

So, right. Yeah. I’m a one woman show and I do, I like, but

Kristin Pearson (27:27):

We did talk about that. I’m a business consulting coach, so we did discuss that <laugh>,

Speaker 3 (27:32):

I feel like you’re gonna tell me to get a VA soon, but I just, you know, like everyone says like hustle and hustle hard and don’t sleep and I’m like, I’m on my no,

Kristin Pearson (27:41):

No, no.

Speaker 3 (27:41):

And resting poor point in my life, I just got done with the wedding, you know, I’m just chilling out right now. But yeah, I, I do only work with a couple people because I do wanna have multiple touchpoints and I don’t want somebody that’s working with me to send me an email and I don’t respond to you for a week or something, you know? Right. And then you just feel lost. So Yeah. I only have a couple people at a time and I just, I really like how it’s going. I think it, the people are really happy. I love hearing people’s good stories about their website and stuff, so it’s just really working for me. So.

Kristin Pearson (28:12):

Yeah. Well I always say we have to build a business that we’re gonna love and that mm-hmm. <Affirmative>, you know, we’re, you still wanna make money, you still wanna do well and you wanna be sustainable, but at the end of the day you’re doing an awful lot of work there. So if you don’t love it and you don’t love the people you’re working for, you’re not going to wanna do it very long. So Yeah. I love this great conversation. So I know that you have probably something that you wanna offer my audience. Yeah. Do you do what, what would you like to share with them, Kristen? Sure.

Speaker 3 (28:42):

So I made a whole page for your listeners very specifically. So on there they can go, it’s just kristen Okay. And they can schedule a time for a quick consult with me if you wanna jump on the phone. Then there’s also an offer for like an audit. So I can go through people’s websites. I’ll record like a 20 minute video really going through your, your website, what I would change, maybe what I would suggest mm-hmm. <Affirmative> and then you can take that and use it for, you know, your own personal uses or we can, you know, go on to then work together. But there’s that. And then there’s also a photo guide. Yeah. I like to harp on the fact that photos are very important for a website. So there’s a free download for like a photo and brand shoot guide and just so you can oh, get to your photographer and say, these are the shots I need and then they will, you know, be able to just like kind of reenact those photos in a way that’s authentic to you. And this is just all from like a designer’s point of view of course cuz I want the good photos to use. Right. But it’s, it’s also, I used to be the audience or the main client for a lot of coaches and speakers. Like I used to be the people to hire them. So that’s why I’m bringing that experience to him. Like, these are the photos that, that I would want to see in order to trust

Kristin Pearson (29:55):

Somebody. Very nice. That is a really, those are really important points as well. And I love that you’re giving and sharing that expertise through some downloads and things that you’re going to give my listeners mm-hmm. <Affirmative>. So thank you so much for that. Yeah. Amazing. I, I really vibed with Kristen at the very beginning. I just loved her energy and I looked at the things she was doing out there and you can clearly see that her brand is standout and you can clearly see that she is excellent at what she does. So it was really fun to have you on here, Kristen.

Speaker 3 (30:28):

Yeah, I had a blast. I’m really happy we got to do this.

Kristin Pearson (30:31):

Yes, absolutely. Me too. I know you’re gonna get a lot of value from the show. We’ll put her links with the show notes so that you can go get those, those free resources and tools Yeah. That she has given. And if you’ve been thinking about getting a new website or it’s time for a new website, definitely reach out to her and let her share her expertise and do that audit and kind of show you where she can go with your brand. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative> and, and with all of that for you. So, you know, I have to, I’m actually looking at your backdrop there and I know we talked about that being sort of part of my brand color. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>, so light blue and the teal <laugh> and I, it does kind of almost look like this, but I actually had a different color shirt that was exactly that color <laugh> and I forgot that was your background. I’m really glad I didn’t wear that <laugh> that would’ve, although this is pretty close now that I look at it, but

Speaker 3 (31:21):

I feel like it, it could have been really cool. We could have been really, you know, it

Kristin Pearson (31:24):

Could have been. It’s, it’s funny how sometimes I have shown up on my podcast with somebody and we, it’s like, I’m not even wearing my brand colors and I’m wearing, you know, their brand colors. And it’s like, okay, yes, I got your email <laugh>.

Speaker 3 (31:38):

I, I know. And I tend to just gravitate towards things that are teal. And so my, my husband makes fun of me all the time cause he is like, oh, there’s your color. Every time we go out somewhere, any season it <laugh>. Everything I own is teal. And it’s not like it wasn’t a business thing, it was just, I just love this color. It makes me happy. Calm picture,

Kristin Pearson (31:56):

Pretty color.

Speaker 3 (31:56):

It’s like there, there’s a whole wall in my office that is the same color, like painted. So it’s just, I just love it. I don’t know.

Kristin Pearson (32:04):

<Laugh> Yeah, we do tend to gravitate towards certain colors for sure. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. So that’s who I am really about the bright blue and, but I love the teal color too, so I just had to point that out as I was <laugh>. I was looking at the colors there. We were digressing here. Kristen <laugh>.

Speaker 3 (32:19):

It makes my heart so happy to talk about colors. That’s fine.

Kristin Pearson (32:22):

I love it.

Speaker 3 (32:23):

Love. Like, I love, I talk about colors with my clients all the time too. You know, some people come without branding and so I’ll make them a logo and you know, we’ll discuss colors and everything and I’ll suggest some things. So Uhhuh. Yeah, I, I love colors. Color theory is super interesting to me. I don’t think, yes. Like, I don’t know all, all that there is to know, but I do just find it very fascinating.

Kristin Pearson (32:43):

It is fascinating to see how people resonate with colors. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative> and how different colors give a different image of

Speaker 3 (32:50):

Right. Make you feel different things or think about different like memories.

Kristin Pearson (32:54):

I, okay, I hear show number two, <laugh>.

Speaker 3 (32:56):

I’ll come back in a couple months and we’ll talk colors.

Kristin Pearson (32:59):

I can hear we’re gonna have to have another podcast. So one thing I one thing I love about these podcasts, they are not, they are not scripted as you can tell, we didn’t let the conversation flow. So this was so fun. You can see how personable she is and how much fun you’ll have working with her. So Kristen, thank you again so much. This has been such a pleasure having you on and I appreciate you.

Speaker 3 (33:19):

Thank you Anne. This has been a blast,

Kristin Pearson (33:22):

<Laugh>. Thank you everyone for listening to another episode. Please make sure you like the episode, share it, leave your comments, leave your feedback. We check all the messages and the comments and make sure you subscribe to Expert In You Podcast and hit the notification because every week we release a new episode. So thank you all so much. God bless you. Have an amazing day.

Ann Carden (33:46):

If you’ve enjoyed this episode, I wanna invite you to go check out a free training that I It is a training that I have on how you can get ultra premium dream clients, scale your business, get more freedom, and really simplify your business and multiply your money. So go check that out. And again, that is expert in I wanna thank you for being here with me this week. I hope you found massive value. Please always leave a comment, feedback, or a question. We check them all and I want you to go rock your business and make sure you join us again next week. God bless you. Have an amazing day. Bye-Bye.


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