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How Web Designers Use Photoshop

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In the world of web design, the importance of high-quality photos cannot be understated. A visitor should be able to envision working with you just by browsing your site, and compelling images play a pivotal role. However, as a designer, I often encounter challenges with the images I receive. From photos that are too small or too large in file size to unintentional Photoshop errors, every detail matters.

In this video, I dive into some memorable experiences, including a peculiar Photoshop mishap involving the clone tool. While these tales are intriguing, they underline a key message: as your designer, I’m not just uploading the images you send. I meticulously optimize, resize, and ensure that they align with your branding for a seamless and professional appearance.

For insights on how images are refined to enhance website speed, aesthetic appeal, and overall cohesiveness, tune in. Remember, your website isn’t just a digital showcase; it’s a reflection of your expertise and brand.

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So we know good pictures on a website is absolutely key because someone looking at your website needs to envision hiring you and working with you and photos and videos are the way to do that. But as your designer, sometimes I get photos that are way too small. The file sizes are way too large. They have errors, distractions in them.

And so I do a lot of Photoshop. I’ve had people ask me to change their outfit, color, clear up their blemishes, which is an obvious one. Fix their makeup, fix other people’s mistakes. I’ll never forget one of my clients. He knows who he is. There was something on his arm and it was in his headshot, his main headshot. And I looked at it and I was like, what is that? And I realized, I first I thought it was another tattoo, but then I zoomed in. And I realized it was a blob that was the exact same like size, shape, as another part of the image. And so. I could tell right away that as someone else had Photoshop, this image and they were using something called the clone tool, which you don’t need to know what that is. That’s not important.

But anyway, they use this tool and I think they collected before saving and not realizing that they had clicked it

because in this final file was a duplicate just spot. That was from the corner of the image.

So, yes, as your designer, I’m not just taking the files that you send me and loading them onto your website. I am fixing things. I am resizing them to make sure your website runs fast. Which is also very important.

And to make sure that it matches your branding so that you have a cohesive feel throughout your website

that showcases you as the expert. And it just looks good.

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