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How To Professionally Speak in a New State (or all the US States!)


After professionally speaking for a long time, it might occur to you that you are nearing the milestone of being to all 50 US states.

Alternatively, you might be new to the speaking world but one of your long term goals is to speaking in every US state.

Obviously, the most effective way will be to start making connections with people in those areas, but what if your website could do some of the work for you?

I had two clients recently that are very close to having all 50 and they mentioned that in passing during calls with me. As I asked more questions, I realized that this would be a huge goal achieved and has been something they have been looking forward to for a long time.

As a web designer for professional speakers, I took this as a very individualized piece to incorporate into their website to create a unique connection.

For Dan, I added it to his homepage where we were listing some numbered stats to build social proof. Dan is a really outgoing guy and loved that I added an element of personality to this part. In fact, this tiny section has been brought up to me multiple times from other speakers that have looked at my portfolio. I mention this because as a speaker, you want people to feel like your website is really you and not just a template.

Here is what I did for Dan:

Odell also mentioned this in a call and I asked if he would like me to make a big deal out of this because he wanted to achieve this goal in the near future. I didn’t want to do the exact same thing as Dan so I created a graphic of the United States to show which states he has and hasn’t professional spoke in.

I have a great relationship with Odell and I told him that as he checks off each state, to send me a quick note and I’ll happily update the map for him.

Here is what I did for Odell:

Both of these ideas are easy for me to update and more importantly, talk directly to the audience of those needed states. This is a great way to help you professional speak in every US state. Talk to your web designer about how you can incorporate your goals into your speaking website so you can reach them faster!

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