Resources & Tools I Use

There is so much that goes into having a website. I’ve tried A LOT of different tools and here is a list that I definitely recommend. 

Some of the links I share are affiliate links. This means at no extra cost to you if you click on one and make a purchase, I may receive a commission… but that is not why I am sharing them, I use all of these!

Elementor is what I use to build ALL of my websites. No more needing to learn how to code and instead you can build your vision faster. 

This tool has truly changed my life and made my business possible.

When I started trying to build my first website, I used a very popular host that boasts the cheapest rates (Hint… the name starts with a color).

You get what you pay for and what you don’t pay for. From a lack of customer service to unnecessary steps that confused the process, I was unhappy. A mentor suggested I look into SiteGround and it has been game-changing!

I use Dubsado to send client contracts and invoices automatically. Once you set up your workflows, it will save you SO much time. It has eliminated the back and forth with sending a proposal, them agreeing, invoice creation and payment, and terms & conditions. It is *chef’s kiss*

If you are sending out emails to subscribers, this one is my favorite! I tried some others that promised premium features but as soon as your business grows a little, they hit you with a big fee.

ConvertKit impressed me with how easy it was to envision the customer journey and create effective emails to help them.

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