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Working with ForCollegeForLife was the perfect combination of all my professional experience. This is an industry and audience that I devoted the last 8 years to and it was effortless to jump back into that space.⁠

When it comes to collegiate events, there are two different target audiences: Meeting planners and students (sometimes, but not always the same person). This meant that we wanted a streamlined website that was attractive to a variety of decision makers.

We also wanted to make this website easy to guide a visitor to their perfect speaker. With, at this moment,19 incredible speakers, we wouldn’t want to overwhelm someone with decision overload. This was my key deliverable of the project.

I spent hours researching and testing plugins that could filter the profiles of the team members based on different criteria. I am proud of the end product as it has the exact functionality we dreamed up and looks REALLY good.

The ForCollegeForLife team is full of speakers that are phenomenal presenters of their areas of expertise. I wanted to show off each one in the best light, so the personal profile pages are filled with introductions, testimonials, videos, program descriptions and more.

To close, I want to that Casey Cornelius at ForCollegeForLife for trusting me with this project. It truly was a dream and exactly why I decided to become a full-time web designer. I look forward to continuing our relationship and doing whatever I can to help your amazing company.

To view the live site, check out

Kristin Pearson Design's work on the college speaking agency website, ForCollegeForLife



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