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Website in a Week


Here are the next steps:

1. Create and share your Google Drive Folder

2. Fill out your Brand Questionnaire

3. Complete your Content Workbook

4. Get your legal pages

Create and Share your Google Drive Folder

This folder is where you are going to add ALL of the images that you are open to being on your website as well as your website content.


Folder Setup Instructions:

1. Log into your Google Account and go to your Drive

2. Create a new folder and name it “(Your Name) Website”

3. Click the link below and make a copy to save into your new folder

4. Make the folder sharable to anyone with the link and grant editing privileges

5. Share the folder with Kristin@KristinPearson.com

Need Additional Help?

That’s okay! The video below walks you through step by step on how to create and share this folder.

Brand Questionnaire

This document will give me a better feel of what you like in a website. We will use this Questionnaire during our kickoff call to hone in the design direction we go in.

Click the link below and Make a Copy in your Google Website Folder.

Legal Pages

As the business owner, you are responsible for providing the legal pages for your business. If these are not provided for me, you will have to go back in yourself later. As your designer, I do not have any legal responsibility or liability if you fail to supply or post the proper notices.

I personally use and recommend Termaggedon for my Privacy Policy and Terms of Services. It is easy to create all the necessary documents and the best part is that they update your policies as the laws change so you are always protected. The link below is an affiliate link that gives you 10% off your first year with them.

Checklist of Google Folder Assets

Be sure to have everything completed and saved in your shared Google Folder
24 hours before we start your project.

If you need an support or help at all, please email me!