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The Pros and Cons of One Page Websites

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One page websites, also known as single page and scrolling websites can be a fantastic asset to your business. There are definitely pros and cons of one page websites, so make sure you assess this list with your specific business in mind. 


Pros of a One Page Website for Your Business


A one page website is really good for a mobile experience. 

With over half of the internets use being on mobile devices, there is something to be said about this Pro. 

Your website’s effectiveness all comes down to if the user has a good experience, because that leads to more sales. 

It is really intuitive to keep scrolling through a page, and not so much to click on a hamburger menu item and move to the page you are looking for. 


You can guide the user on the path you want them to take (User Experience)

With a one page website, it is easy to be intentional about what your reader is going to see next. With multi-page websites, there are so many ways that a reader can get sidetracked.

I would like to note though that this is where strategy needs to be implemented. Your reader does not want to scroll endlessly in order to work with you. Start with the most important information at the top and treat the entire page as a sales page. Stacking the pages with information and testimonials can be highly effective if done right.


Copywriting and Content required is Easier to Write

With less space to fill and the need to be to the point, you may not need to sit and write for days in order to get a website up and running.

Kristin’s Tip: I created a Website Content Planner that all of my clients receive when we first start working together. After years of designing and painstakingly asking for more copy, I’ve learned the right questions to ask and collected a few examples that I particularly recommend. This is all put into the planner so you could knock out the copywriting of your website in a couple focused hours. 



An important factor of SEO is how many backlinks your website has. A backlink is when an external site links to your website. This shows Google and other search engines that people across the internet can vouch for you and are referring you to their readers.


bold one page website design example
full view of a one page website sales page

Cons of a One Page Website for Your Business



Since we were just talking about SEO, we also need to mention keywords. With one page to your entire website, you can only focus on one thing to rank for. Generally, each page on your website give you another opportunity to rank for a different search term, or keyword.

Most of my clients are building and growing their business through referrals, social media, and being found in search engines, so the pros and cons of a one-page website hold different weights to each individual.

Kristin’s Tip: To combat this, I like to offer blog setups along with one-page designs. Does that technically make it a multipage website? Sure. But its in order to help your business, so I wont worry about the semantics.

With a blog, you will have your main site and then the opportunity to build your authority through your own copywriting!


Design is KEY for One-Page Websites

As a designer, I wouldn’t really call this a con personally, but if you are trying to DIY your one-page website, this is something to think about. If you are not experienced in any kind of UX or design best practices, this could be your page’s downfall.


Summary: The Pros and Cons of One-Page Website

If you are just starting out or have one specific service, a one page website could be right for your business. It is a great place to start when growing your business online. Looking to start a podcast or write a book in the future? Then maybe you can work with a designer (like me!) to transition into a full website. 

Like I mentioned above, you can absolutely modify this solution to fit your needs, like adding a blog. Let’s say you are a professional speaker and want to market your keynote addresses. You also want a place to warm your audience up to hiring you by showing them that you are an expert on your topic. A blog is a perfect solution! 

Not much of a writer, but have a podcast instead? Your “blog” would simply be articles that you embed your podcast episodes to and provide any links you discuss or (my favorite) the transcription of the conversation!

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