web design for speaker and coach dan faill

Website Design for Coach and Speaker: Dan Faill

Keynote Speaker on Failure, Leadership, and Imposter Syndrome

Dan's Experience

“Working with her was a BREEZE – she made it all easy to understand the build and her thought process, while really being able to lean into my own voice and brand even more. Plus she gave directions that made it incredibly easy to navigate without screwing anything up (much). Hands down, an 11 out of 10, five stars, would use again.”

Website Design Highlights

Dan’s previous website was a template he chose on Weebly over 5 years ago. As time went on and his speaking business grew, he simply kept adding to it.

This is a common trend for coaches and speakers when creating their first website.  And, to be honest, I think that or a one-page website is the best first step.

As his reputation and business goals have grown, Dan came to me looking for a website that was fresh and clean with strategy behind what goes where. He wanted to start growing his email list so we made it easy for his audience to learn even more from him after he has left the stage.

A good lesson from Dan’s website: Photos can make or break a website. With his updated headshots, it made my job as a web designer easy to show him off. So even if you aren’t ready for a new website at this moment, I recommend getting intentional about getting more action shots of you.

before and after of dan faills professional speaking web design

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