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You Need an Email List: How a Social Media Shutdown Impacts Your Business

Today was a lesson on sustainability.

Facebook and Instagram were down for about six hours and it showed a lot of vulnerabilities businesses have. 

In a world where vanity metrics like followers and likes literally pays the rent for some, it was proof that you cannot trust even the largest platforms.

This is why building endurance into your business plan is so important. You need to have an online presence that you can control and have ownership of. 

Obviously I am talking about having your own website but what you may not be familiar with is building an email list.

A quick recap of the pros of having a website:

  • You look professional and it build credibility
  • You can have one central location to send your audience and potential clients to so they can learn more about you
  • You are not constricted to a look or structure with rules like social media
  • A complete customer journey can be on your website, earning you the elusive passive income
  • You are not building on “rented land”

So what happens if we add a lead magnet to your website that builds an email list:

  • You have a direct line of communication to your audience that is not gatekept by algorithms
  • Build a relationship over time that creates raving fans for future offers
  • Email lists have significantly high conversion rates
  • You can provide value to earn the trust of your audience

How to Start an Email List

  • Sign up for ConvertKit or similar list building tool
  • Create a high-value incentive for your audience to exchange their email address for. This is important. Do NOT just put a “Subscribe to my newsletter” form on your website. That is not going to convince anyone to sign up, you need to show your value.
  • Have your web designer put your new form on your website (or DIY, of course)
  • Write a welcome sequence so your new list members know what to expect and start to learn more about you

How to Increase Your Email List Size

  • Create social media posts to explain the benefits of your lead magnet
  • Include a link to your lead magnet in your Link Tree or Linkinbio
  • Write articles and blog posts about an issue your audience has that is related to the problem your lead magnet solves
  • Speak at summits or online workshops and offer a bonus to the audience if they join your list

Is that all I have to do to build an email list?

Yes and no. This is simply how you get started building your list. As time goes on and you continue creating content, you’ll probably find that you can create additional helpful resources like eBooks, webinar replays, etc.

As long as it makes sense for your customer journey, I don’t think there is such a thing as too many lead magnets. Again, as long as it makes sense. Make sure you are not confusing your audience by offering too many unrelated lead magnets.

Examples of Lead Magnets

Ebooks, chapters of a book, social media templates, exclusive audio content or podcast episodes, webinar replays, discount coupons, checklists, access to groups/communities, coaching session, product samples, printable workbooks, quizzes, and SO much more.

Want to see a lead magnet in action? You can sign up on my website to receive my 15 Point Website Checklist to make sure your website has all the bases covered so it is working for you!

So… what are you waiting for? Is your website and email list working for you?

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